Bungie Reveals Adorable Destiny 2 Fallen Baby Plushie After Season of the Splicer Fanfare

Guardians everywhere, including myself, lost their collective minds over the adorableness that is baby Fallen that were spotted in the Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer trailer. Fans of the space shooter have begged for plushie versions of it in every single Destiny 2 group and Discord I’m in, and now our dreams are coming true! That’s right! You can have your own cute little baby Fallen with the adorable plushie just revealed from Bungie. 

It’s not available quite yet, but Bungie did reveal the precious little bundle of pure happiness over on the official studio’s storefront. The size comes in at a widdle 10 inches with Numskull Designs. We don’t have a price or an ETA at this time, but it is coming sometime this year. Interested? You can add your email to the waiting list right here

The baby Fallen were first shown off during the Season of the Splicer reveal, and it didn’t take long before pretty much everyone and their mothers fell in love. It took exactly 10 minutes after the reveal before fanart started pouring in, so Bungie definitely knew what it was doing when it made a plush version of this ball of pure joy that we all need in our lives. 

The upcoming season of Destiny 2 kicks off soon. To catch up on all of the newness that is on the way, you can learn more at our dedicated game hub right here. You can also score a free emblem that was hidden within the trailer with the code found here.