Review: Rain on Your Parade – A Refreshingly Brief But Saccharine Shower

Captured on Nintendo Switch (Docked) Rain On Your Parade wants very much to be the next Untitled Goose Game. It so desperately needs to be that quirky breakout hit, the virtual talk of the water cooler, the “have you seen that cloud game?” game, spawn of a trillion thinkpieces. To be fair, it’s a strong

Nintendo’s Just Dropped A Free Demo For Miitopia On Switch

Looking forward to checking out Miitopia on Nintendo Switch? Well, wait no longer, as Nintendo’s just dropped a free demo. That’s right, beginning today, you can jump into this teasing taster session by downloading the new demo from the Switch eShop. The demo lets you play through the main game’s first area, letting you create

Turns Out That Mysterious House Spotted In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Was Just An Error

Update: And just like that, all our hopes are shattered. In an updated statement on its official Japanese website, Nintendo has addressed the mysterious new house spotted by Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans. Unfortunately, the statement (in Japanese) says that the house features an appearance that cannot be obtained in the actual game, and apologises

Street Fighter Producer Yoshinori Ono Is Leaving Capcom To Join Another Studio

Yoshinori Ono, best known as the producer of the Street Fighter series, has shared more information on his upcoming move away from Capcom – a studio for which he’s been an important part of for almost 30 years. Ono originally announced that he would be stepping away from Capcom last summer, thanking fans for their

Watch: Monster Hunter Digital Event – April 2021, Live!

The latest Monster Hunter Digital Event is about to begin, as Capcom gives us another look at both Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2. Today’s show will provide news on Monster Hunter Rise’s first free update (Version 2.0), as well as “the latest info” on Monster Hunter Stories 2. It kicks off at