Mass Effect Fans Can Get A Limited-Edition Silver Variant Of The Sold-Out Normandy SR-1 Replica

With the Mass Effect Legendary Edition just seven days away, BioWare isn’t done revealing different ways returning fans can celebrate boarding the Normandy once more. How about with an actual Normandy? Last year, there was a sleek 14″ Alliance Normandy SR-1 replica that was available, but it quickly sold out. Now there is a limited-edition silver variant, but it’s going soon because there are only 250 available! 

BioWare took to Twitter to reveal the latest replica in tandem with Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse has offered a wide variety of Mass Effect memorabilia through the years, and this silver variant looks stunning! I purchased the normal version when it first came out and it was absolutely gorgeous! I may or may not have also purchased this one too. Maybe. 

The latest variant is available for the same price as its previous counterpart: $249.99. There are payment options available for those that would like to not take a bigger hit to the wallet, set up for $75 a month leading up to its ship date. 

“Dark Horse Direct and BioWare present the release of an exclusive silver variant of Mass Effect’s legendary Normandy SR-1,” Dark Horse tells us. “Keep your model rack as stocked as Shepard’s with this 14” long, 5.6” wide all silver prototype starship, perched upon a crater-pocked moon terrain base.”

It’s crafted using polyresin with the expert detailing made by Gentle Giant Studios. It’s limited to just 250 units though, so if you want one? You’re going to want to jump on this deal fast. You can pre-order yours right here. You can another version in my post below, because I can’t help but share that Normandy love for the best damn ship in the galaxy, even if the one pictured below is for the SR-2 from the second game: 

Ahead of its May 14 launch, BioWare is also giving away a ton of free content, so don’t miss out! You can look at what’s up for grabs right here. Interested in learning more about Mass Effect Legendary Edition? Check out our exclusive game hub too. From no multiplayer game modes to lost code that can never be recovered, we made sure to ask about everything.