New Super Mario Party Updates Adds Online Play To Over 70 Minigames, 2v2 Partner Mode, And More

A surprise new Super Mario Party update is here and brings with it online play for a ton of content for Nintendo fans to enjoy. From over 70 minigames to various modes, here is what you can expect from the latest Super Mario Party update. 

Super Mario Party update v. 1.1.0

It’s easy to install the latest update. Make sure your Switch is hooked up to WiFi, head over to the Home Menu on your system, and launch the game. When you try to launch it, it will automatically start a download. Once completed, you’re ready to dive into what’s newly available! 

To take part in the online play functionality, a Nintendo Switch Online subscription membership is required. Those modes that require additional online access include Mario Party, Partner Party, and Free Play (minigames). 

As detailed in the patch update, you can play any of the three when connected online, simply select Online Play. You can play with a Friend Match to play with buddies or make a Private Game that is password-protected. When online, players will be able to have access to all 20 characters and every map available, as well as 70 of the 80 minigames. The official patch notes also dictate which minigames are not available when online, which are the following: 

  • Strike It Rich
  • Time to Shine
  • Take a Stab
  • All-Star Swingers
  • Rhythm and Bruise
  • Pep Rally
  • Wiped Out
  • Fiddler on the Hoof
  • Clearing the Table
  • Baton and On

Players should also be aware that when playing online, play data will not be saved. 

It’s a nice little surprise update that players weren’t expecting. The more accessible content for online play is nice, especially given continued travel restrictions and social distancing in place while vaccines continue to roll out against COVID-19. 

Are you excited to dive right into Super Mario Party with friends thanks to the recent online update? What else do you hope Nintendo adds to the social game? Sound off with your hopes and dreams in the comment section below. 

[Source: Nintendo]