Tetsuya Nomura Offers Small Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 Update, “Different Atmosphere”

During the most recent livestream event for Final Fantasy, we received a brand new trailer for Intergrade that shows off new fights, more new faces, and the return of Fort Candor. However, we also got a small glimpse into Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 from director Tetsuya Nomura and it looks like the team might be prepping for a full reveal sooner than we thought. 

It was during the tail-end of the live stream that Nomura mentioned wanting to announce “something” about the second part of the remake but was advised to wait due to that not being approved by the other departments at the studio. But that doesn’t mean we were left with nothing. Nomura did mention that development on the second part is going very well and gave a small teaser that Cloud can be seen walking through a “huge nature environment.” He also added that Part 2 will have a very different atmosphere from what we saw in the Remake’s first half, giving fans a tiny glimmer of excitement to cling to before we learn more. 

While it’s not the trailer everyone was hoping for (hi, I’m everyone), it is at least a small glimpse into what’s next. For the most part, Final Fantasy VII Remake stayed true to the initial vision we all fell in love with, though that started to shift in a different direction towards the first part’s conclusion. With the ending showing off a blast from Crisis Core past, what’s next could be anyone’s guess as far as creative takes goes, but one thing is for sure: we’re excited to learn more. 

For now, we do have Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade to look forward to. You can learn more all about Yuffie and her friends and what they bring to the table, including new Summons, new boss battles, and so much more, right here with our dedicated game hub

Are you excited to learn more about Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2? What are you hoping to see the most when the second part of the remake is revealed? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!