The Ultimate Scientific Ranking Of Every Playable Mortal Kombat Character

Mortal Kombat has been around for 11 fighting games and has added new faces each time. Do the math, and that means there are a ton of characters that have fought, died, been resurrected, died again, returned as a demon and/or cyborg, turned evil, turned good, then died all over again.

That raises the question: Which fighters are the best of the best? Through the powers of subjective science and opinionomics, we’ve ranked every character ever in our own personal list, from worst to best. We determined this order using an arbitrary combination of the following factors: fun factor, personality, legacy/impact, and overall coolness. Not being Hsu Hao also matters. 

We’re not pretending that all (or even most) of you will agree with our ranking because opinions and stuff. Our advice: take a deep breath and don’t take this too seriously, because we only kind of are. We know you’ll be hot and bothered by this list anyway, which is why we’d love to hear how you’d rank these fighters in the comments! 

Conditions: We’re keeping this in the family, so we omitted non-MK guest characters. We also decided to exclude Cyber Sub-Zero as his own entry; we considered him as a part of our overall judgement for Sub-Zero. Finally, you also won’t see Kronika because she isn’t a playable fighter. On with the list!